Little Bellas

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Little Bellas: Mentoring on Mountain Bikes


Little Bellas

I am so excited to partner with you and Little Bellas to change lives! I love creating pieces with natural elements, and being on the trail is where I'm able to think about those ideas. However, more than I love nature- I love kids. Because of my own upbringing, I find so much light in the connections I have made and mentoring I have done with kids through camps, or through cycling. I want to create beautiful art and bring REAL LIFE change. By giving 2% of ALL sales, my goal is to support local little girls who NEED an outlet that can't be afforded to them otherwise. This puts helmets and kids bicycles in reach--and could even create a scholarship for girls who can't afford camp registration.

Purchasing my work can now bring health, education, and mobility to girls who haven’t had this opportunity before. Please partner with me, bringing beauty into your home and hope to the ends of the earth.

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