Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect my made to order furniture?

Once received through our website, we will reach out to you via email within five business days with to-scale renderings of your furniture. Upon receiving confirmation of these details, your build will officially enter our production queue. Everything here is made by hand. We have a standard turnaround time of 4-8 weeks on all furniture pieces.

What type of finish do we use?

Everything that could be a potential food bearing surface is prepped with an all natural, food safe, solvent free wood oil/wax. Our finishes do NOT contain driers or any toxic chemicals, and even contains natural UV inhibitors-sunscreen for your wood!

What type of payment is accepted? Do you have a financing plan?

There is no financing plan. We accept Cash, Check, and most credit cards are acceptable through the website.

If I am located outside of your delivery zone, will you deliver for a fee?

Local delivery is FREE. We can accommodate delivery outside of our designated zone of 50 miles for a White Glove Delivery Fee. Please call/email for more info.

What custom options do you offer?

Outside of our product line and customization we have available through the site, we also offer FULL custom furniture. We have crafted/designed products that have been sold across the USA and through international distributors in Germany and Japan. From the nicest breakfast nook in your neighborhood, to the standing desk you've always wanted- we've got it covered.

How do I order a custom project?

Just send us an email, or complete our contact form. Everything you can tell us about your project is going to make the design process that much easier. The more you can let us in on, the more capable we can be to fulfill your vision. If you don't know exactly what you'd like- that's okay! Lifetime furniture should take some consideration, and we're here to help you figure it out every step of the way.

And then?

Once we have discussed all details surrounding your project, we will begin the design process. When the first 3D rendering is sent, we will have a price point set for that build in particular. Upon settling on a design/scheduling a custom build, we require a deposit of 50% of overall project price. This deposit will be credited to your project upon acceptance of a final project bid. If total project bid is >$1K, payment is required in full. Once we receive your deposit, we will order your materials and enter your project onto our production que. Throughout production, we will be in contact with updates. If your project is scheduled for local pickup, you will have 5 business days to pick up your project and pay the remaining balance of your invoice. If your project is scheduled for FREE delivery or installation, we require payment prior to or upon delivery or installation.

What is your return policy?

Please be certain of your selection. Your order is placed specially for you and cannot be canceled or returned.

Do you remove old furniture?

Our store sells only new and custom order furniture. We do not accept or sell items on consignment for clients and will not remove existing furniture.