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Road to Accent Lamp

It started out months ago.. I bought a cheap lamp with a gift card.

It didn't last the weekend. A frustrating waste of money.

I set out to publish this idea- but with time it grew distant and I focused more on full furniture pieces rather than smaller, Tchotchke pieces.

I've made time to come up with some things going into 2021 that I want to be more affordable- and readily available to the public. Furniture is expensive, and making furniture is expensive. There's no real way around that- so The Cane Bookshelf, and this accent lamp are a reflection of my feelings toward cost.

So how did I get there? A bit of applied design/CNC work, and all the skills I've built up since my time working with J.B. Camera Designs. We crafted tons, tons-- of camera accessories. From grips, lasered hot-shoe covers, to neck and wrist straps made from USA leather.

This image was tweaked a bit, and all vectors combined. This is the base design housing electrical components.

Here you can see the prototype.. a nightstand draft.. my personal notes.. a cracked phone full of sawdust.. brain food.. and that magical bean juice. Coffee.

Here you can see some of the catchalls being stock piled. These are created with left over pieces from furniture pieces. I try to reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as possible. But here- you can kind of see what the milling process is like. Very similar to the processes we used for the ORIGINAL J.B. Camera Designs grips.

This same design process is how I've created the Accent Table Lamp. I hope you all enjoy the lamp- I believe it looks BEST shown with The Cane Bookshelf.

Thanks for reading!


Maker & Racer

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