• Thomas Adams

The Gravel Road to Cloche

It started like most things do. I have an idea, and I write it in my field notes book- and I forget about it.

But this one stuck.

One day I was out riding, thinking about my life- woodworking, bicycles, my dog, just- life stuff, ya know? Closing in on home, I found this- embedded in the road.

Doesn't look like much- but I had ridden over it so many times, an idea started to come. When I got back home, I finished a sketch of a globe type "thing" with a brass rod supporting whatever was to be inside.

I sent this picture to my wife, and started asking where it was located so she could go take a look. I was home working while she and a friend were out riding-- and the next thing I knew, these bones were coming out of her pockets and onto our coffee table.

Apparently, these girls went out and played archeologist in the dirt for a minute- retelling me the events of how they managed to get these out of the road. Using their water bottles and some sticks! Gently probing them out of the ground. Moving out of the way whenever traffic was coming.

Now, you don't technically "Bleach" bones to clean them. Though I suppose it wouldn't hurt. There's a number of ways to do anything- so I won't dictate how you skin your cats. Leaving them in the sun and boiling are also options.

Promise this isn't a cat. These bones, from what I can tell, belonged to a Highland Cattle years ago. This is my assumption as these type of cows are common in the area where this was found.

This picture is from the very 1st bath I gave them. A hydrogen peroxide/water mix is fine to clean them. After letting it soak for a FULL week, I brought them out and scrubbed them with brushes and large pipe cleaners.

Here's how they looked during the 3rd week. Cleaned twice.. patience is a virtue.

Finally, letting them dry

What I really wanted, in the end, was a beautiful piece of functional art that was special to my friends and I. They even want to use it as a trophy for whoever wins a certain game night. More than that, I wanted a way for my customers to be able to house things that are incredibly special to them- in a beautiful way. This is reminiscent of Beauty & the Beast.. and a rose timelessly preserved in mystical beauty..

During my tenure at J.B. Camera Designs- I learned to use CNC programs, and what it really meant to design a finished product. This means R/D, photography, computer skill-- all of what I learned is to much to surmise in a blog post- is translated into the beautiful products offered by Maker & Racer.

The Cloche Display

This is shown in local walnut, but is available in local cherry and white oak as well. Straight pin/hook styles. *Bones not included* You can purchase the kit by clicking HERE.

I hope you enjoyed a bit into How/Why it was made.

Until next time,


Maker & Racer

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