Maker & Racer Bundle

Maker & Racer Bundle

*NOTE* This is for PRE-ORDER. I will make the order as soon as the que is full.

To purchase, send payment/sizes/shipping address via Venmo: @makerandracer



Includes: 1x Maker & Racer OG Shop shirt- soft and comfortably made by Next Level.

                    1x Maker & Racer SGX Sock Guy socks
                    1x Maker & Racer everlasting sticker
                    1x poorly handwritten personal love letter
                    1x FREE shipping

A reminder to all customers: 2% of ALL sales (furniture/other) goes directly to local non-profit cycling organizations helping to fund #morekidsonbicycles, empower our youth through cycling, and give the girls of #littlebellasmtb the confidence to say, "YES. We can."

Here's a few links to see how you can DIRECTLY make a difference.

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