Mid Century Guitar Hanger

Mid Century Guitar Hanger

Instead of a bland, square, store bought hanger- I wanted to share something more scuptural. In a world full of guitar hangers, I've created something to stand out from the rest. This hanger is made from solid, recycled hardwood cutoffs that I couldnt bring myself to throw away. 

I can modify this opening at no charge. Just message us- or if you prefer send us a picture showing the guitar neck with a ruler/scale beside it and we can calculate the best fit for you.

Each piece is finished with a sealing wax that brings out the natural beauty in the wood.

*all neccesary screws and anchors are provided with shipment


    If you would like to make a return, please submit a form via the "Contact Me" section.

    Please provide photos of the product and reason for return.

    We will do our best to rectify the situation.

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