Before opening Maker & Racer, I was the product manager of J.B. Camera Designs. A small Oklahoma based company designing wooden camera grips with CNC, lasers, and a bit of old fashion hand work. Working with my mentor J.B. has shaped the way I think about a product, and the type of quality my clients should expect from the final piece.

I began my business in 2018 to give my local community access to handcrafted items. What started as a hobby, turned into love for the craft. Love, turned to obsession over details and undeniable quality.

Maker & Racer is a small workshop that makes furniture from solid wood. Each client is gifted with the process, and an inside look of what makes a piece of furniture silent.. and one that sings!


I use only the finest, hand-picked materials and finishes in every project, and do everything to use local wood sources as much as possible. To request a custom order, please contact me today.


Maker & Racer

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